A small batch, 91 proof, handcrafted Kentucky straight bourbon whisky. Old Pogue was the flagship product of the original H.E. Pogue Distillery in 1876 and is also the first product released by the modern Pogue Distillery. The product was fashioned after an original bottle of Old Pogue that remained in the family for over a century. This easy-drinking bourbon can be enjoyed neat or with a small amount of ice or water.


This limited edition rye bottling contains over 100 years of family history along with 55% alc./vol and the peppery notes that offer the discerning patron a robust product. Five generations after our forefather founded the H.E. Pogue Distillery in Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky, in 1876, we are proud to continue our family legacy with Five Fathers, the first barreled whisky distilled and aged in Maysville, Kentucky in more than 70 years. Produced using one of the Pogue family's original recipes and on the same ground as the original H.E. Pogue distillery, Five Fathers honors the tradition and heritage of its namesake. We feel this is a fitting tribute to our forefathers, the Five Fathers. Read more about the Pogue ancestors on our History page.


A limited edition white whisky (53% Alc./Vol.) that is distilled in small batches to ensure that each bottle is a superb expression of the grain. Excellent mixed or neat. Limestone Landing was the the original name for the settlement now known as Maysville, Kentucky - the home of The Old Pogue Distillery. This area was originally inhabited by settlers fleeing the Whiskey Rebellion on the Ohio River. Many settled in the port known as Limestone Landing for its natural limestone springs and convenient access to the Ohio River. They brought with them their knowledge of rye grain and distillation of a clear rye whisky spirit. It is in this "Spirit" that the Pogue Distillery honors the area's heritage and the exquisite flavors of a a historic whisky grain.