Old Pogue Master's Select

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky

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A small batch, 91 proof (45.5% abv.), Kentucky straight Bourbon whisky. Old Pogue was the flagship product of the original H.E. Pogue Distillery in 1876 and is also the first product released by the modern Pogue Distillery. The product was fashioned after an original bottle of Old Pogue that remained in the family for over a century. This easy-drinking bourbon can be enjoyed neat or with a small amount of ice or water.

Old Maysville Club

Bottled in Bond

Kentucky Straight Rye Malt Whisky

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A Bottled in Bond Kentucky Straight Rye Malt Whiskey Distilled and Bottled by The Pogue Family.  An original brand of the H.E. Pogue Distillery founded in 1876, Old Maysville Club in is a 100% rye malt mash bill, matured in 53 gallon New American White Oak Charred Barrels and a small batch bottling at 100 Proof (50% abv.).