GOLD MEDAL - FIVE FATHERS RYE WHISKY recently hosted its Premium Whisky Tasting, where numerous contenders competed for the distinguished “Best Rye” awards. is very pleased to announce that Old Pogue's Five Fathers Pure Malt Rye Whisky was awarded a Gold medal. Bourbon aficionados, wine/spirits writers, and bartenders were the judges at the formal tasting in NYC - October 1, 2014.



Made in bourbon’s birthplace—Maysville, Kentucky—this enduring favorite has earned praise since before Prohibition.... “A traditional mash bill [recipe] of corn, rye and malted barley provides truly classic flavors: big spice, round wood notes and some nice heat,” says Biesack  - June 2, 2013.


95/100 BY ROBERT PARKER                      

A...small batch bourbon, this sensational effort is a fiery, full-bodied bourbon with a medium amber color as well as lots of vanilla, smoke, marmalade, spice and caramelized citrus notes. Very aromatic, rich and heady, but not overly hot, this is a superb bourbon. Rated 95/100 - May 3, 2013.



A review of Limestone Landing conducted by the Beverage Tasting Institute: Clear. Aromas and flavors of creamy pistachio nougat, raisin scone, and grain husk with a round, penetrating dryish medium-to-full body a warming, white pepper, fig rye toast, chalk dust, and pear eau-de-vie-like finish. Interesting flavor and dimension; opens nicely with water, and a creative cocktail choice. Rating: 89 Points - Silver Meda - January 24, 2013.


TOP OF THE LINE                                 

Cincinnati Magazine featured an article about historic Pompilios' Restaurant's impressive bourbon selections, in which Old Pogue is considered one of three premium boiurbons and is the finale of their "As Good As It Gets Bourbon Flights." - March 1, 2012.


DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL             rating the finest in spirits, has for the first time turned its sights to bourbon. recently hosted its Premium Bourbon Tasting, where numerous contenders competed for the distinguished “Best Bourbon” awards. is very pleased to announce that Old Pogue Master’s Select was awarded a Double-Gold medal, the highest award possible. Bourbon aficionados, wine/spirits writers, and bartenders were the judges at the formal tasting in NYC - January 18, 2012.



Lovely amber tone; impeccable clarity. Opening whiffs detect hints of new leather, beeswax and cornmeal; another eight minutes of air contact stimulates deeper aromas of oak resin, pine and corn oil. Entry tastes include resin, buttered popcorn and fresh honey; midpalate highlights the honey along with dried red fruits, especially prunes, and tangy black pepper. Ends on a succulent, rounded note. A superb Old Pogue expression. Reviewed by Spirit Journal - September 2, 2011.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED                      

Old Pogue Master’s Selection is a very solid bourbon to enjoy neat. The flavors are pronounced and more importantly tasty. Because it is so smooth I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest this bottle to any bourbon enthusiast or anyone looking a nice dark liquor. It is worth ever penny of the $48.00 dollar price tag. Reviewed by Flawless Crowns - April 24, 2010.


SILVER MEDAL                                   

International Review of Spirits Award: Silver Medal - Old Pogue. Pale copper color. Toffee, orange blossom, and toasty oak aromas. A soft entry leads to a dry medium-bodied palate with buttered and roasted corn, spicy dried fruit, sandalwood, and spice. Quick, dried fruit fade. Reviewed by - January 15, 2010.


NICELY BALANCED                                

A bourbon with a gentle demeanor and easy drinkability. The whisky is nicely balanced, with sweet notes of corn, caramel, and vanilla blending in nicely with subtle fruit and dried spice. An uncomplicated, fairly straight-forward bourbon for everyday drinking. Reviewed by the Whiskey Advocate - May 25, 2008.


SUPERB (90-95)                           

The nosing passes find alluring, sweet grain and plum scents, delicate aromas of paraffin, confectioner's sugar and a trace of maple. Palate entry is silky smooth and tastes of light caramel, buttered sweet corn and maple. Concludes firm, warm on the tongue, and moderately oily. A new American small-batch gem. Reviewed by Wine Enthusiast - December 21, 2005.